Ukulele Death Squad

The Ukulele Death Squad is back

The Squad are Back – bigger, bolder, and more boisterous than ever! Get tickets to their EP Launch this July/August

“It’s like Tarantino met a travelling mariachi band and injected them with the punk ethos of The Saints and added flashes of folk and flamenco.”

Scenestr Mag

Death Squad madness

Toe-tappingly dangerous. The Death Squad take 4 strings to a new and excitingly mind-blowing level.

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Buy Tickets to our EP Launch

  • Fri 22 July 2022
    Town & Country Hotel, SYDNEY (NSW)
  • Sat 23 July 2022
    Hayshed Festival, LARGS (NSW)
  • Sat - Sun 6-7 Aug 2022
    Grace Emily Hotel, ADELAIDE (SA)
  • Sat 20 Aug 2022
  • EP Pre-Order
    8 Track Studio EP
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