The Ukulele Death Squad strives to entertain and wow their audiences by pushing the boundaries of the small four-stringed instrument– the Ukulele.

Exploding onto the scene at Adelaide Fringe Festival, they’ve since toured globally and developed their own cult following. They blend their own ukulele style with Flamenco, Mexican, rap and Folk, with an energetic performance that goes beyond anything audiences, have ever seen.

The Death Squad have already managed to achieve sold-out Adelaide & Edinburgh Fringe Festival Seasons. In fact they have sold out every single show to this day. The UDS will warp your perceptions of ukuleles one nylon string at a time With stage-craft, mad thumping rhythms and outrageous solos, they will quite literally blow your minds. Enter at your own risk.

“It’s like Tarantino met a travelling mariachi band and injected them with the punk ethos of The Saints and added flashes of folk and flamenco.”

Scenestr Mag

Death Squad madness

Toe-tappingly dangerous. The Death Squad take 4 strings to a new and excitingly mind-blowing level.

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Death Squad Members


The Uke Death Squad are on tour

  • 8 Feburary
    SOLD OUT Pride Of Our Footscray (Melbourne)
  • 9 February
    Cudlee Creek Bushfire Benefit (Adelaide)
  • 18 February
    Uke Springstein (Ben Solo Show) (Adelaide Fringe)
  • 22 February
    The Squad Father (Adelaide Fringe)
  • 25 February
    Uke Springstein (Ben Solo Show) (Adelaide Fringe)
  • 3 March
    Uke Springstein (Ben Solo Show) (Adelaide Fringe)
  • 10 March
    Uke Springstein (Ben Solo Show) (Adelaide Fringe)
  • 14 March
    The Squad Father (Adelaide Fringe)
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