The Ukulele Death Squad (UDS) have grown bigger and better since their 2017 inception, bringing a new sense of anarchy to the once undisturbed four-stringed instrument – The Ukulele.

The Squad bring a magnetizing and infatuating energy to the uke through the creation of their own Flamenco, Mexicana, RnB and folk style. With additional performers joining in 2019, the full harmonic and titillating vocal stylings, paired with thumping rhythms, outrageous solos and sensual sax offers audiences a place to get down and dirty.

The Adelaide Fringe Award-winning and critically acclaimed act have sold out show after show, irresponsibly setting local and international audiences ablaze with no intention of slowing down. Expect the unexpected and throw out everything you thought you knew about the uke – The devilish Ukulele Death Squad are coming for you.

Band Members

Benjamin Roberts
B.S Roberts. The daddy of the Ukulele Death Squad. The lightning fingered, God of Uke and a towering foundational pillar of the Death Squad. The king of the big daddy bad dogs is a spicy seasoned rump of a performer not only within UDS but within The Timbers and his own wildly successful solo career. B.S Roberts is not only an Australian pioneer on the Uke, he has played his music on stages all over Australia and the world. Additionally – who can deny this smoking hot, photogenic uke-a-nator has a sweet, sweet dad bod.

Matt Barker
Matthew Barker of brother and sister folk duo Roger and the Albatross, is a playwright, an entertainer, and the songbird of our generation – our ginger treasure is an endangered species in the world of entertainment and needs protecting at all costs. Joining the band in 2018, Matt has brought an explosive presence on the UDS stage, bringing his raw and honest vocal stylings and his untamable personality. People say he is one to watch, but this isn’t a hard feat – he’s incredibly watchable.

Ashlee Randell
This long throated wonder will grab you by the nipples and have you begging for your lunch money back! This powerhouse performer puts the extra shot in your coffee! Performing with the band The Coconut Kids and in her own solo projects, Ashran’s powerful voice is recognisable from TV adverts as well as stages far and wide. Hold onto your hats with this one, she will take you for a ride!

Alice Barker
She’s the high kickin’, lyric spittin’ rapstress from the South. No one here can handle her sassy ass mouth. Harmonizing. Synthesizing. High key performer. You’ll eat her up like she’s a spicy Chicken Korma. Alice Barker of Roger and the Albatross, melds harmonies and rap solos into the Squad’s tight mix of sound and is a cherry on top of an already chaotic bunch.

Julian Ferguson
Another founding pillar of the Death Squad and of the Coconut Kids fame. Needless to say, you may already know his name. Julian Ferguson’s rabid baritone Uke licks, husky voice and manic performance will charm the pants off of any man, woman or non-bionary within a 1.5km radius. His songs will stay with you throughout your day and beyond and soon become the soundtrack to your life.

Reuben Legge
Well fiddle-dee-dee! I do declare! Reuben Legge, of Belly Savalas fame, could play us like his Sax anyday! Reuben burns bright with his screaming sax solos to take an already high octane performance to another stratosphere. You name it, he can play it! This master musician based in Melbourne will play all the instruments under the sun, but no better than he will your heart.

Eamon Burke
Did anyone ask for an Irish hellraiser? Well we got one on bass! The epicenter of fun with the voice of an angel, Eamon Burke of the Coconut Kids, has performed with The Death Squad since its inception and is as familiar to the crowds as the smell of Christmas Pud. As traditional as a Sunday Roast, who could live without him?



  • Winners of 2018 “Best Music Act” Fringe Award.
  • Winners of 2019 “Best Folk Band” SA Music Awards
  • Nominated for 3 SA Music Awards 2019 “Best Act” “Best New Act” “Best Folk Act”

Praise for the Squad


“It’s like Tarantino met a travelling mariachi band and injected them with the punk ethos of The Saints and added flashes of folk and flamenco.”

“Dressed as if they were regulars in the below deck Titanic party… Their charm wins over the audience” – Fest Mag

“Loud, raucous and infectiously fun, this Squad might have looked like respectable businessmen with their suits and sunglasses but they nevertheless brought the house down!” – The Clothesline

“Ukulele Death Squad showed just how bloody cool the good ol’ uke can be!” – Scenestr Magazine

“This ukulele band embody the attitude, swagger, style and sense of humour that truly does put the humble four-stringed instrument back in dangerous squad-father territory.” – InDaily

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